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Philippe Albanel - Landscape Photographer

Bringing back to you the Natural Infinity of nature

Short profile

Philippe Albanel is a french landscape Hassleblad Photographer from the west from France making part of the new numeric generation. Since 2009 he has been working as a professionnal landscape photographer. His style and his pictures are known through numerous forums in the world and since 2011 he is regularly class="linktexte" href="publication.html">published an distributed in France in the interior design market. He focuses his art work on the wild west coast near close from his home to reduce the CO2 emission: Normandy, Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Vendée.
He lives at Nantes, ideally localised to adress the wide western France.

Beginnings in Photography

Born and living in the west of France, near the shores of the biggest river the “Loire”, in a region so called “Anjou”, Philippe Albanel began photography with his closed natural environment.
As a lot of young photographer, Philippe discovered black and white argentic photography from his Dad. In the family dark room he used to photograph every subject up to 24 years old. After studying two years at the Art School from Angers in art painting, he decided to buy in 2003 his first numeric (Sony Cybershot 8 megapixel). In 2005, after moving to Nantes (in Brittany) for carrier reason, he decided to work seriously his technic in order to obtain sufficient knowledge to produce the quality and artistic result he was searching for, and progressed rapidly with the benefits offered by numeric by taking thousands of images without any cost.
To complete his knowledge he just reads books and participates to forums to receive advice and critics.

A personal approach of Landscape Photography

His photograph production tends to reveal the infinity of phenomenum nature offers to all who take the time to look. The abstract concept of "natural infinity" defines ideally his will. “ Capture and Share all the light phenomen the nature offer to us”. Step by step he has learnt to look and capture those nature’s gifts. Inspired and impressed by the work of great UK or USA landscape photographers, his photographic style is naturally impressive and dramatic, always arrosed with unbelievable lights. In 2007, he wanted to share with nature lovers the best of his work and finally created his first web site. His will today is just to make people look arround them and don’t hesitate to wait on the beach at the sunset and look to the nature’s miracle offered to us in everyday life.
Sensible to the ecologic environment Philippe is trying to show the nature as natural as possible. To obtain result Philippe has to get back several time on the same location to traduce the landscape with the ideal condition of season, weather, hour (dawn and dusk) and tide which will reveal the best the location. You can have some examples in the making of he shares with his fans. As Philippe says, everybody could achieve the same by investing time. As a professionnal photographer Philippe has now the time needed. Philippe prepares his photo session to anticipate where and when the lights, he likes to capture, will appear. When everything is meeting, he can sense, capture and get back, here, the natural infinity of nature.

From Engineering to Photography Editing

After 12 years working in the IT Technology as an electronics and telecoms engineer and finally as a service center manager, he spent one year as an infographist learning all the edition and post-treatment technics. So he decided in 2011 to stop working full time to spend half time working as a landscape photographer on a side and develop on the other side his own business on Internet. Since he invests time in Photography, his images are now distributed and he starts to be published.


Here are listed below some references :

  • 2012: First image accepted by the very selective group 1x.com with the photo Sky from Fire from Perros-Guirec, Cote d'armor, Brittany, France. New ones coming soon.
  • 2012: Publication in several magazines :
  • Fotoflock by Epson Juin 2012 : Photography from Crozon are featured on the welcome page of the web site Fotoflock by Epson dedicated to the photographie.
  • Brit'Mag May-June 2O12 : double central page, interview, advices and tips with 3 photos from Brittany and Normandy in the Brit'Mag magazine.
  • 2011: Distributed in France and the world by HEXOA who has chosen Philippe for their canvas collections for prestigious customers as Leroy Merlin and Castorama in many cities of the south of France. Already thousands of canvas sold in europe.
  • 2009-2011: Many Forums award with exhibition on the first page : Deviant Art, VirusPhoto, ParlonsPhoto, Reflexphoto, CheckOffice (Website dedicated to Normandy Photographers )
  • 2009: DeviantArt, the biggest art forum in the world, has chosen a Philippe's image for the "100 best images projects" over more than 100 millions for the 10 years birthday of the famous forum.

    Equipement and technics

    Philippe uses very classic technics and high level equipment. He tries on every shoot to minimize the work on computer by managing light with filters and choosing the ideal angle and condition of light to shoot as naturally as possible. In rare case he has to use some blends with multiple exposures when no other solutions can help him to capture the scene. In term of equipment Philippe uses HASSELBLAD brand hardware with its opticals to ensure the highest images quality with 15 stop image dynamic.

    Equipment list:

    • Tripod Manfrotto
    • Bag Manfrotto
    • HF Remote Shutter
    • Filters LEE SW150 GND, ND, Pola, Big Stopper
    • Ecran EIZO Color Edge CS 270 27" IPS

    Software list:

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    Located in Brittany, France, SIRET: 51317849100025
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