Purchase information

Purchase Information

You can find below a list of product and format. After selection you can complete with a brief note explaining your desire and we will get back to you a price depending on the choice including the delivery cost. A Paypal link will be send to you too in order to pay us securely.

Signed Limited Edition Fine Art Print

All the masterpiece are sold in limited edition in regards of the French laws. The editions are limited to 30 samples by masterpiece and format. Our art prints are certified Digigraphy (the highest standard quality for masterpiece reproduction developped by Epson) by a professional printing lab which reveal all the impact of each image. Each art print is signed and verified by Philppe Albanel himself. Low taxes are possible for company and each print is delivered with a certificate of authenticity. The sizes are approximative.


Why the price is so expensive ? When you buy a masterpiece you buy a part of the art of the author. It is an investment. You could be happy to have done it in some years ! But right now you have to think too to the author. The price is calculated to make the author work profitable and include : the global cost of photo session, treatment in lightroom, marketing, communication and the cost of Digigraphy process itself which is the best one in the world and cost naturally (used by Le Louvre for reproduction)!


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